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Club penguin catalog cheats:Martial Artworks

Today,I will Tell The secrets in the Martial Artworks Catalog. Advertisements

Club penguin mission 10:Waddle Squad

Hi guys, Have a look at this. Step 1. Pick up the solar panel box which is near Rookie. Talk to G, then Herbert will come on all the HQ Screens. Rookie tells him about the Golden Puffle in the Night Club. The Director will come on another monitor and explain what is going on.

Aqua Grabber Clam Waters Guide

Hi guys, Have a look at these. Clam Waters Guide The objective of the level is to collect all the small pearls, the rare black pearl and the big pearl. You can collect the small pearls and the black pearl inside clam’s mouths.

Club Penguin Better Igloos:August 2012 Secrets

Hi guys, Have a look at these Club penguin has released a new catalog, this time being the Club penguin August 2012 Better Igloos Catalog. We have all the cheats for the Better Igloos catalog on this post.

Club Penguin Mission 11:The Veggie Villan

Hi Guys, Have a look. Step 1. Speak to Gary. He will ask you what you think the type of seeds that he has are. Ask him if they are corn seeds.

PizzaTron3000 Cheat

Pizzatron 3000 Cheats You can play Desert Mode where you make desert pizzas! Just click on the small lever and on the start up screen of the game. Cheers, Vrani

How To Edit The Stamp Book?-Only For Members

Hi Guys, Have a look at this. How to customize your Club Penguin Stamp Book? Step 1. Log into Club Penguin. Step 2. Click on your player card.

Codes For The Book “The Awesome Official Guide For Club penguin”

Here are the book codes for the “The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin!”. You can use these codes to unlock coins for your penguins and a special book! The questions are listed in page order: Question: What word is on page 8, 1 word from the left on line 4? A: Location Question: What word is on page 9, 1 word from the left on line 4? … Continue reading

Wanna Meet Cadence and The Penguin Band?

Hi Guys.I have a Easy Way To Meet Cadence and The Penguin Band. Wanna Know?? The answer is wait in the Epic Show Room Till the Cadence countdown ends… Have a look at the photo! Cheers, Vrani

Club Penguin Codes!!

Hi guys!Today,I will share some of the codes I came across. Have a Look At These.